I love to design crochet hats. Many crocheters enjoy instant gratification projects so that they can delight in seeing and using their products right away. Hats are quick to make. I especially enjoy designing animal hats crochet patterns. These are regular hats adapted slightly to look like different animals. They’re still easy, quick projects. And yet, they’re special because the characters all have their own personalities.

Who Are Animal Hats Crochet Patterns For?

Obviously, children love to wear crochet animal hats. If you have one of those kids that’s always taking off their winter hat because “it’s uncomfortable” then these projects can save you a lot of hassle. Make hats designed like their favorite animals and they’ll never want to take them off.

However, don’t make the mistake of thinking that animal hats are only for kids. Anyone can enjoy wearing these designs. Tiny babies look absolutely adorable in photos when they’ve got these hats on. Adults who want to be silly on Zoom, dress up a little but not too much for a costume party, or simply wear something a little whimsical will also enjoy the items you make with these animal hats crochet patterns.

My Animal Hats Crochet Patterns

With no further ado, here are the patterns you can find right here on my website:

Llama Hat Crochet Pattern

llama hat crochet pattern

You might have noticed that I really love crochet llama patterns. I just think that the llama is one of the cutest animals to design. It’s fun for everyone! Plus, of course, there’s llama yarn so the animal gives a nod to the craft itself. My llama hat crochet pattern is a simple all-ages beanie design with earflaps and super fun fringe for the llama’s hair.

Panda Bear Crochet Hat Pattern

Even though I think llamas are among the cutest animals in the world, it’s really hard to pick, isn’t it? So many animals are so adorable. Take the panda, for example. Who would deny the cuteness of this creature?! Moreover, the panda is black and white which makes a hat design with it work well with all different types of items in your closet.

Animal Crochet Hats Patterns: Bear

There are lots of different bears in the animal kingdom. A classic, cute brown bear is very common as a teddy bear design. So, of course, I had to make a hat that was similar to that style. Most of us have had teddy bears at one time or another so this hat brings up a lot of memories!

Lion Hat Crochet Pattern

The regal lion makes for a beautiful crochet hat design. Like with the llama, I used yarn fringe to create the mane. It’s a fun way to add texture and dimension to animal hats.

Crochet Dog Hat Pattern

This is one of my animal hats crochet patterns that I designed based on a custom request. I am so happy that I got that request because I love how it turned out. If you know a dog lover, then make this for them. They’ll be delighted.

Cat and Fox Hat Crochet Patterns

Have you ever noticed that cats and foxes kind of have the same head shape? You just need to change up the colors a little bit and a hat can look like either way. This is great because it makes for a very versatile design. I kept this one simple, with ears but no other facial features. That way, people of all ages can feel comfortable donning this design.

I also have a more whimsical crochet hat pattern inspired by the Cheshire Cat.

Moose Hat Crochet Pattern

As you can see, I like trying to come up with different styles for animal hats crochet patterns. The fox and cat design above is super simple and streamlined. At the other end of the spectrum is the goofy, gaudy crochet moose hat. There’s something for everyone in between!

Deer Hat Crochet Pattern

The moose is just one of the woodland creatures I’ve designed animal hats crochet patterns for. The deer hat crochet pattern actually complements it really well. You and your partner might want to each wear one of these to a costume party, for example.

Goat Hat Crochet Pattern

Moose and deer are usually considered wildlife. But what about more domesticated farm animals? If you’re looking for a hat in that category then this goat hat should do the trick.

Turkey Hat Crochet Pattern

Many animal hats can be worn year-round. However, some are typically reserved for certain times of the year. For example, you might make turkey hats for Thanksgiving.

Sloth Hat Crochet Pattern

Embrace naps, lazy days and the benefits of rest when you wear the sloth hat!

Owl Hat Crochet Pattern

Owl hats were trending so much in recent years. They’ve gone down slightly in terms of a trend but they’re no less interesting as animal hats crochet patterns. I chose to make mine with fun, unique colors that set it apart from other designs. Of course, as with any of these patterns, you could always switch up the colors to something you love even more.

Seal Hat Crochet Pattern

We’ve seen hats designed with animals from the land and the sky, now let’s turn to the water. I think that this is truly one of my cutest ever animal hats crochet patterns. Those big seal eyes are just impossible to turn away from! And yet they are surprisingly easy to crochet. I love designs like this that have a bit of three-dimensional effect to them because of the way that the facial features are layered onto the hat.

Narwhal Hat Crochet Pattern

Looking for a design from the ocean that’s a little more dramatic and fantastical? The narwhal should do the trick!

Penguin Hat Crochet Pattern

If penguins are among your favorite animals (or your children’s) then you’ll have to make this crochet hat. Notice how the eyes are similar to those of the seal, but by adding eyebrows and a beak, you completely change up the design. Once you know how to make a basic animal hat, the rest is mostly just adaptation!

More Whimsical Animal Hats Crochet Patterns

In addition to the relatively traditional animals shown above, I’ve also created these hat patterns: