Llamas became a trend in home decor and accessories over the past few years. Unlike most trends, though, they’ve stuck around. There’s something about them that we find both adorable and a little bit sassy. So, it’s no surprise that there are some great crochet llama patterns available. You’ll find toys, blankets, accessories and more all adorned with the llama design. And you’ll find all different styles of llamas, too! I love this design, which is why I’ve created several crochet llama patterns of my own. You’ll find these below alongside some of my other favorite designs from around the web.

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My Crochet Llama Patterns

Llamas have inspired several of my designs. I’ve had a lot of fun coming up with not only different projects that incorporate the llama but also different types of llamas. You can see that in my corner-to-corner crochet llama blanket, in particular, since it showcases four different llama personalities.

Corner-to-Corner Crochet Llama Blanket Pattern

llama blanket crochet pattern

This llama blanket crochet pattern consists of four panels, each highlighting a different llama personality. For example, one of them is the sweet flower crown llama. You can make the blanket as designed to show off all four of the llamas. Alternatively, you could repeat your same favorite llama personality across all four panels. Another option is to crochet a single panel and make it a wall hanging instead of a blanket. The great thing about corner-to-corner crochet patterns like this one is that you have a ton of versatility in how you use them.

Corner-to-Corner Crochet Christmas Llama

christmas llama crochet pattern

Here’s yet another llama personality. Wearing a Santa hat and draped in Christmas lights, Santa Llama could be cheesy. However, his cool glasses make him stylish instead. This C2C crochet blanket panel is one of four animals in the Christmas Blanket. He joins the sloth, reindeer, and bulldog. Like with the blanket above, you could make them all as designed, make four llamas into one blanket, or make just the llama to use as a wall hanging or even a unique shawl.

C2C Crochet Llamacorn!

llama unicorn crochet pattern

If you’ve checked out a lot of crochet llama patterns, then you know that they’re often whimsical designs. However, if a regular llama isn’t whimsical enough for you, then what about a llama-inspired unicorn?! This is a C2C crochet blanket panel in the Unicorn Character Afghan. In addition to the Llamacorn, you’ll find corner-to-corner crochet graphs for a unicorn-inspired cat and puppy as well as a “regular” unicorn.

Crochet Llama Hat Pattern

llama hat crochet pattern

This crochet hat pattern should delight you. It’s designed with fringe yarn that makes it great for costumes, photos, or playtime. The pattern is available in all sizes from baby through adult, which can make for some fun photos and family get-togethers. It also makes a cute gift idea.

Crochet Llama Patterns from Other Designers

I love corner-to-corner crochet patterns, which is why so many of my llama designs use that technique. I also love making hats, so naturally I have the hat among my own crochet llama patterns. But, of course, there are many different types of crochet patterns out there. Here are some of my favorite llama designs from other creators:

Llama Mini Planter

This truly has to be one of the cutest crochet llama patterns out there. If you love crochet and also love plants then this is perfectly designed for you. And giving the gift of a succulent or other small plant inside of this crochet llama mini planter is such a great idea! You’ll find this pattern, designed by HELLOhappy, over on WeCrochet.

Hooded Llama Blanket Crochet Kit

Hooded crochet blankets are so cozy and warm and delightful. The Hooded Llama Blanket is no exception. Not only the design cute, but you’l also have a lot of fun working it because it uses unique crochet loops to create the texture of the llama fur. You’ll find the crochet kit (which includes the pattern and the yarn you need to crochet it) over at Mary Maxim.

Amigurumi Crochet Llama

If you enjoy making amigurumi toys then you will quickly discover that there’s no shortage of llama patterns in that niche of the craft. This is the Herrschners Lily Lluna The Llama Crochet Toy Yarn Kit, available through Amazon. It comes with the pattern as well as the yarn that you need to create this cute toy.

Llama Dusting Mitt

Make dusting so much more fun with this cute crochet llama dusting mitt. Designed by Ashlea Konecnea, it’s available over at WeCrochet. The llama’s fur is designed to perfectly capture dust for you while also making you smile.

Crochet Books With Llama Patterns

In addition to individual llama patterns, there are some great crochet animal books that include a llama design. Here are two to get you started, both available through Amazon:

Anyone Can Crochet Amigurumi Animals

Kristi Simpson’s book Anyone Can Crochet Amigurumi Animals will teach you what you need to know in order to do just that. Each of the animals in the book comes dressed in cute accessories and has great facial expressions. Ina addition to Bella the Llama, you’ll be able to make Drake the Giraffe, Franklin the Fox and many more cute friends.

Zoomigurumi 7: 15 Cute Amigurumi Patterns by 11 Great Designers

Every Zoomigurumi collection has fun designs. This one is filled with adorable animals including, of course, the llama. A goose, a zebra, and a chicken are just a few of the other animal crochet patterns in this collection.

Hope you have a llama fun with these crochet patterns!