About Me


My Story

My journey into the world of fiber arts started a few years ago when my children were ages nine, four and three. As you can imagine, I was busy caring for them and didn't have a lot of time to focus on myself. I really needed a creative outlet so I drove to the craft store one day and purchased a "teach yourself to knit" kit. It didn't go so well.

Two months of casting on, knitting, counting, frogging and starting over and I finally had one (Just. One.) very sad looking arm warmer. I was so proud of it, though! Well, life happened and I didn't knit anything else for about a year. Once again, I found myself craving a creative outlet. So, I picked my knitting needles back up, determined to get it right. For about six months, I kept at it. I made some pretty cute hats and headbands. I was so proud of myself! My husband was proud of me. My kids were excited for me. I had found a hobby I really enjoyed!

Then one day, I decided to try crochet. I haven't knitted a single stitch since. I loved it! Half a year later, I opened my Etsy shop. The day I got my first order, I screamed and ran across the house. I was super excited. And the day that same person left me my first five star review was equally exciting. There may even have been some tears. It was a great first year. I am now at a point where I would like to focus on designing patterns and creating tutorials.

I started this blog to share ideas, inspiration, tools, tutorials and patterns. Everything will be focused around crochet. Since my family provides me with a lot of inspiration, ideas and feedback, they will also be mentioned in my blog on occasion. I think you should meet them. If there's one thing I enjoy more than crochet, it's family time with these guys.

This is my husband, Mark. He's my best friend.  My rock. He makes me laugh, despite my odd sense of humor. And I know he loves me too because he volunteered his arm so I could make my wrist warmer pattern in a men's size. He's supportive and encouraging. I'm a lucky girl.

This is Aidan, my oldest. He's in middle school now. He recently got braces. He's growing up way too fast. He's such a sweet, funny, brilliant kid.  He's my kidprenuer and I'm certain he's destined to do great things. He has his own Etsy shop (ThePrintingNinja) where he sells Nintendo accessories that he 3d prints. He has also volunteered to help me film my tutorials. He's such a cool kid.

My girl, Ashley. My little muffin. The only thing bigger than her personality is her heart. She is imaginative, kind, loving, fearless and protective. She's a Girl Scout, ballerina and animal lover. She has such a strong, quirky personality. I truly hope that never changes. 

This is Mark. The baby of our family. He's an old soul. He's sweet, loving, thoughtful, inquisitive and observant (yes, I know I have lines on my face). He loves building, making and creating things; I can't keep enough tape in the house. He's a Cub Scout and won 2nd place in the pine wood derby race for his age group. We were so proud of him!

Last but not least, Sarge. Our adorable snuggle bug mutt. He thinks he's a lap dog (or a human). We adopted him as a puppy from a rescue. Life hasn't been the same. He loves pepperoni and animal crackers. He has definitely completed our family and brought us a tremendous amount of joy.