Free Crochet Patterns for Cats

Welcome to my Crochet Patterns for Cats page! I’m excited to share a collection of adorable and fun crochet patterns designed specifically for our feline friends.

Here, you’ll find a variety of patterns to keep your kitty cozy and entertained. From comfy beds and cozy hideaways to stylish hats, playful toys, and snuggly pillows, there’s something for every cat.

I’ll also be adding patterns for blankets, costumes, collars, and more. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced crocheter, you’ll find free and easy crochet patterns that you and your cat will love. Happy crocheting!

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Meet Thor, My Crochet Muse

I’m excited to introduce you to Thor, my adorable kitten and the inspiration behind all my crochet patterns for cats. Thor was born outside on February 28, 2024, but was rescued at 8 weeks old. I adopted him from a cat rescue on June 3rd. Thor is sweet, snuggly, curious, and playful. His laid-back personality makes him the perfect crochet model.

Thor loves to steal my crochet hooks and play with my yarn, adding an extra layer of fun to my crochet projects. Whether he’s napping in a cozy bed, exploring a new hideaway, or modeling a stylish hat, Thor is always my source of inspiration. Keep an eye out for his appearances in my patterns and posts!

Melissa Hassler's cat, Thor

Safety First: The Importance of Breakaway Clasps for Cats

Never tie anything around your pet’s neck. When creating hats, collars, or any accessories for cats, it’s crucial to use breakaway clasps. These safety devices are designed to release under pressure, preventing the risk of choking or injury if your cat gets caught on something.

Additionally, cats should not be left unsupervised while wearing crochet items to prevent any accidents or entanglements.

Free Crochet Patterns for Cats

Looking for Crochet Patterns for Pet Lovers?

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