How to Corner to Corner Crochet

Corner-to-corner crochet is a unique, but easy, technique that you can use to crochet blankets as well as many other items. You work basic crochet stitches, typically double crochet. However, instead of working one row or round on top of the next, you work on the diagonal. This creates a beautiful texture and graphic design. I love C2C crochet, especially for crocheting graphghans. If you haven’t learned how to corner to corner crochet, yet, then it’s definitely time to learn!

What Is C2C Crochet?

Corner-to-corner crochet, also called C2C crochet, is a specific crochet technique. All it means is that you work from one corner diagonally across to the next corner. Typically, you use a double crochet stitch pattern that has a very similar look to the granny stitch. However, since you’re working on the diagonal, you build it a little differently.

Benefits of Learning How to Corner to Corner Crochet

It’s always good to expand your crochet knowledge. Sure, you can do many different things with just a basic crochet education. However, there are so many unique techniques in the craft. The more you learn, the more you can do, and that always makes a craft more fun. Learning how to C2C crochet is great because you don’t have to go too far beyond your basic knowledge of double crochet stitches, and yet, you do build upon that just a little bit. You stretch yourself just enough.

C2C Crochet for Grapghans

One of my favorite reasons to learn how to corner to corner crochet is because it’s one of the best techniques for crocheting graphghans. It’s not the only option for a graph-based crochet blanket, but it’s one of the best. With a graphghan, you can turn any picture that you love into a crochet blanket. I absolutely love designing these, and I love executing them in C2C crochet.

Other Benefits of C2C Crochet

Here are some of the other benefits of learning how to corner to corner crochet:

  • It’s a very meditative crochet stitch pattern. Once you know how to do it, you can relax into your stitching. This is a great stress-reduction form of crochet.
  • You can work C2C crochet in any type of yarn using any size crochet hook. It’s a technique that works with the materials you already use.
  • It’s a great way to put a spin on striped crochet projects. They’re still striped, but on the diagonal, which makes them more interesting.
  • This technique has terrific texture, which means that it also works for solid color projects.
  • It’s easy to grow your blanket (or other project) to the size you want. You work the rows until the design is the size that you want on the diagonal, then you begin to decrease to match what you’ve already created in terms of size. As a result, you don’t have to determine the size of your project in advance.
  • You can make many different types of projects. Even though I love to use this technique for grapghans, it works for many different projects including scarves, shawls, and even crochet hats.

Learn How to Corner to Corner Crochet

I really love corner-to-corner crochet. As a result, I’ve worked hard to master this niche of our wonderful craft. I’ve learned many lessons and tips to make it easier to work well with this technique. And I want to pass that knowledge on to you, which is why I’ve created Corner to Corner Crochet Course. If you’re ready to learn all that there is to know about C2C crochet, then this is your best option.

In this class, you’ll learn:

  • The corner to corner crochet stitch, including increasing and decreasing
  • How to change colors in this specific technique, including carrying your colors as you work
  • How to follow both a chart and written instructions in C2C crochet
  • Tips for gauge and other helpful crochet instructions
  • Joining squares / panels in C2C crochet and adding a border around projects
  • And more!

As you can see, the class is well worth it if you’re looking to learn all that there is to know about this technique.

However, if you aren’t quite sure that you’re ready to commit to a full class just yet, that’s okay. I’ve got information available on YouTube to assist you in learning this technique as well. You can get started by checking out these two videos:

How to Begin a C2C Crochet Graphghan:

YouTube player

Beginner Tutorial for C2C Crochet:

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If you like these videos, you’ll find additional C2C crochet tutorials on my YouTube channel as well. And don’t forget that you can also take the Corner to Corner Crochet Course to really learn all that there is to know about this technique.