Frankenstein Pillow

Over the weekend, my kids convinced me to bring out our Halloween decorations. We had so much fun decorating that I thought it would be fun to design a Frankenstein pillow. I was inspired by my Frankenstein Hat pattern that I posted last week.

This was a fun and fairly quick project. You could make a pillow like I did, or you could sew the front and back together along the bottom and sides, add a strap, and whala! You have a Frankenstein tote!

I’d love to see the different projects that you guys make out of my Frankenstein pixel graph. Please tag me on social media @lovable_loops so I can see your pictures!

Use a 4.5mm crochet hook.

Crochet the pixel graph using the corner-to-corner (c2c) technique, starting in the bottom right corner. Use the traditional method of making three double crochets for each square. I chained 5 for each new row (instead of 6) and I chained 2 at the beginning of each square (instead of 3)

Click Here to Download the Frankenstein Graph

Don’t know how to crochet a corner to corner (c2c) graph? Watch my two part YouTube tutorial where I show you step-by-step how to crochet my Dog Emoji graph!

Dog Emoji Graph Tutorial

dog emoji graph c2c crochet pattern tutorial

W= white
B= black
G= green
GY= gray

–> Row 1: 1W (1)

<– Row 2: 2W (2)

–> Row 3: 3W (3)

<– Row 4: 4W (4)

–> Row 5: 5W (5)

<– Row 6: 6W (6)

–> Row 7: 7W (7)

<– Row 8: 4W  3G  1W (8)

–> Row 9: 1W  4G  4W (9)

<– Row 10: 3W  6G  1W (10)

–> Row 11: 1W  7G  3W (11)

<– Row 12: 2W  9G  1W (12)

–> Row 13: 1W  3G  1B  6G  2W (13)

<– Row 14: 2W 7G  1B  3G  1W (14)

–> Row 15: 1W  3G  1B  8G  2W (15)

<– Row 16: 2W  9G  1B  3G  1W (16)

–> Row 17: 1W  3G  1B  10G  2W (17)

<– Row 18: 1W  1 GY  11G  1B  3G  1W (18)

–> Row 19: 1W  3G  1B  7G  1W  4G  1GY  1W (19)

<– Row 20: 1W  1GY  4G  2W  3G  1B  3G  1B  3G  1W (20)

–> Row 21: 2W  2G  1B  3G  1B  3G  1W  1B  1W  1G  2GY  1G  2W (21)

<– Row 22: 2W  2G  1GY  2G  2W  3G  2B  6G  2W (22)

–> Row 23: 3W  7G  1B  3G  1W  1G  3GY  2G  2W (23)

<– Row 24: 2W  4G  1GY  14G 3W (24)

–> Row 25: 4W  12G  3GY  1G  3B  2W (25)

———————Begin DECREASE————————

<– Row 26: 1W  3B  3G  1GY  12G  4W (24)

–> Row 27: 4W  10G  3GY  2G  3B  1W (23)

<– Row 28: 1W  2B  4G  1GY  11G  3W (22)

–> Row 29: 3W  5G  1W  3G  3GY  2G  3B  1W (21)

<– Row 30: 1W  2B  4G  1GY  3G  2W  4G  3W (20)

–> Row 31: 3W  3G  1W  1B  1W  1G  3GY  2G  3B  1W (19)

<– Row 32: 1W  2B  4G  1GY  2G  2W  4G  2W (18)

–> Row 33: 2W  4G  1W  1G  3GY  1G  4B  1W (17)

<– Row 34: 1W  3B  3G  1GY  6G  2W (16)

–> Row 35: 2W  4G  3GY  2G  3B  1W (15)

<– Row 36: 1W  2B  4G  1GY  4G  2W (14)

–> Row 37: 2W  2G  3GY  2G  3B  1W (13)

<– Row 38: 1W  2B  4G  1GY  2G  2W (12)

–> Row 39: 2W  1G  2GY  1G  4B  1W (11)

<– Row 40: 1W  3B  4G  1GY  1W (10)

–> Row 41: 1W  1GY  3G  3B  1W (9)

<– Row 42: 1W  2B  3G  1GY  1W (8)

–> Row 43: 2W  1G  3B  1W (7)

<– Row 44: 1W  2B  1G  2W (6)

–> Row 45: 2W  2B  1W (5)

<– Row 46: 1W  1B  2W (4)

–> Row 47: 3W (3)

<– Row 48: 2W (2)

–> Row 49: 1W (1)

Weave in your ends.

Switch to your  G 4mm crochet hook and use black yarn.

Attach yarn to the corner and (dc 2- ch 2- dc 2) into the corner.

Ch 1 and make 2 dc between the next 2 squares. You will repeat this pattern around the graph: ch 1 and 2 dc in the next space between the squares. In each corner you will (dc 2- ch 2- dc 2).

Note: you can see in the photos that I made groups of 3 dc. If I were to make this pillow again, I would make groups of 2 dc like I wrote in my pattern above. I think the groups of 3 were too much and it made my pillow border have a slight ripple to it. 

Use a G 4mm crochet hook.

Now that the front of your pillow is done, it’s time to crochet the back. Since the shape of the pillow is a square, I simply made a granny square and increased the size until it reached 13.5″ x 13.5″.  I ended up with 18 rounds. Weave in your ends.

If you don’t know how to crochet a granny square, you can follow along to my video tutorial. Just make sure that you are using a G/4mm crochet hook. The reason I used a smaller hook for the pillow cover is because you don’t want the spaces (or holes) to be too large and have too much of the pillow insert visible.

Lay your front and back cover with the “right” sides facing out (the “wrong” sides will be touching). Use locking stitch markers to line up pillow and to help keep the squares in place. Use your  G 4mm crochet hook and attach the black yarn. Sc three sides of the covers together (in each corner you will sc- ch 1- sc).

Insert the 14″ x 14″ pillow (you want the insert to be slightly larger than the covers so that your pillow has a “full” look). Take the time to position the pillow before continuing to sc the last side shut. Finish off and weave in your ends.

I hope you like my pattern. Please tag me on Instagram lovable_loops if you make your own!