I am really loving c2c crochet right now! There are so many uses for these fun pixel squares: pillow covers, wall art, front of a tote bag, one section of a larger blanket or use alone as a baby lovey. If you find c2c projects as fun as I do, consider joining my Alphabet Blanket crochet-a-long. More info here: Alphabet Blanket

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c2c heart graph crochet pattern tutorial

Finished Size

My completed square measures 11.5″ by 11.5″


Crochet hook: I 5.5 mm

Yarn: worsted weight in white & pink

CLICK HERE to download the Heart Pixel Graph

Color Chart

P= pink
W= white

Here is a picture of the “wrong side” (the back).


Crochet the pixel graph using the corner-to-corner (c2c) technique, starting in the bottom right corner. Use the traditional method of making three double crochets for each square. I chained 5 to start each new row (instead of 6) and I chained 2 at the beginning of each square (instead of 3).

WS= wrong side
RS= right side

→ Row 1 [WS]: W
← Row 2 [RS]: W2
→ Row 3 [WS]: W3
← Row 4 [RS]: W4
→ Row 5 [WS]: W5
← Row 6 [RS]: W6
→ Row 7 [WS]: W7
← Row 8 [RS]: W8
→ Row 9 [WS]: W9
← Row 10 [RS]: W10
→ Row 11 [WS]: W11
← Row 12 [RS]: W12
→ Row 13 [WS]: W2, P9, W2
← Row 14 [RS]: W, P10, W3
→ Row 15 [WS]: W3, P11, W
← Row 16 [RS]: W, P11, W4
→ Row 17 [WS]: W4, P12, W
← Row 18 [RS]: W2, P11, W5
→ Row 19 [WS]: W5, P12, W2
← Row 20 [RS]: W3, P11, W6
→ Row 21 [WS]: W6, P12, W3
← Row 22 [RS]: W3, P11, W6
→ Row 23 [WS]: W5, P12, W2
← Row 24 [RS]: W2, P11, W5
→ Row 25 [WS]: W4, P11, W2
← Row 26 [RS]: W6, P6, W4
→ Row 27 [WS]: W3, P7, W5
← Row 28 [RS]: W5, P6, W3
→ Row 29 [WS]: W2, P7, W4
← Row 30 [RS]: W4, P6, W2
→ Row 31 [WS]: W2, P6, W3
← Row 32 [RS]: W3, P6, W
→ Row 33 [WS]: W, P6, W2
← Row 34 [RS]: W2, P5, W
→ Row 35 [WS]: W, P4, W2
← Row 36 [RS]: W6
→ Row 37 [WS]: W5
← Row 38 [RS]: W4
→ Row 39 [WS]: W3
← Row 40 [RS]: W2
→ Row 41 [WS]: W


Attach your pink yarn. In each corner you will work a (2 sc-ch 2- 2 sc) and for each edge of the square you will (sc-ch 1) between each of the individual “tiles” (the small squares that make up the entire graph).

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