Chevron Stitch Crochet Laptop Case Pattern

Chevron Stitch Crochet Laptop Case

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For my second “rainy day” project I decided to crochet a cover for my laptop. I’ve been wanting a cover for it so I figured, why not crochet one myself? I love the look of Chevron so I decided to make my cover using the Chevron stitch (you can follow my video tutorial if you don’t know how to crochet chevron) and these three beautiful colors. You can adapt this pattern to fit any size laptop or tablet.

Rainy Day Project #2:

Chevron Laptop Sleeve

The first thing you need to do is measure your laptop or tablet. Keep in mind that if you have a 15.5″ laptop like I do, that is the diagonal measurement and is not the measurement you need to know for this pattern. You will need to measure the width, depth and height.

The width will determine how long your chain needs to be. The width of my laptop is 13″ and I made a beginning chain of 52. You can make your chain longer or shorter but it must be a multiple of 12 + 4.

The depth of my laptop is 9″ and the height is 1″. Since the cover needs to wrap around the top and bottom, my goal was to crochet until my piece reached 20″ (9+1 for each side). I actually ended up stopping when it reached 19″ because I knew it would stretch a bit and I wanted my laptop to fit snugly inside. I recommend you do the same.

Chevron Stitch Crochet Laptop Case Pattern

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Chevron Stitch Crochet Laptop Case

I 5.5 mm hook

Chain a multiple of 12 + 4 that equals the width of your laptop. I chained 52.

First Row

-2 dc in fourth chain from hook (counts as first 3 dc) 
-dc in each of next 4 chs
-dc3tog (double crochet 3 chs together) 
-dc in each of next 4 chs
-3 dc in next ch (peak made)
Repeat previous 4 steps to end of row (you will end up making 3 dc in your last ch)

Subsequent Rows 
Continue crocheting subsequent rows until you reach your desired length. I stopped at 19″. 

-ch 3 and turn (counts as first dc) & make 2 dc in second dc 
-dc in next 4 sts
-dc in next 4 sts
-3 dc in next st
Repeat previous 4 steps to end of row (you will end up making 3 dc in your last ch)

If you want your color pattern to look like mine, make three rows of each color and alternate them in this order: mint, red, gray.

Determine which side of your piece will be the interior of the sleeve (the wrong side) and weave in all of your yarn ends on that side. It doesn’t matter which side you choose as the interior.

Line up the two ends with the interior (wrong side) facing you. You can use locking stitch markers to help keep everything in place like I did.

Use a tapestry needle and yarn to sew the two ends together.

Turn the piece inside out. You will now have a sleeve with two open ends. Insert your laptop to make sure it fits properly.

Remove your laptop from the sleeve. Choose which end you would like to sew shut. Lay the sleeve flat so that the seam where you sewed the ends together is in the middle on the bottom. Attach your yarn at one end of the opening. This is important because you want your yarn to end up at an end so you can sew down the middle.

Rnd 1: ch 1, sc around, join

Rnd 2: ch 2, dc around, join and fasten off leaving a LONG tail to sew the sleeve shut

Use a tapestry needle and your yarn tail to sew the sleeve end shut through the back loops of the dcs.

Almost done!

Now we need to finish the other end of the sleeve. Attach your yarn in the spot where the two ends were sewn together. This will ensure your yarn is in the right spot for the button loop. Sc around, join, do not finish off.

Next, find the center of the sleeve (remember, the seam from the ends should be centered on the bottom) and sew a button on approximately 1 inch from the edge.

Now it’s time to make the loop for your button. Since you attached your yarn at the seam, it should be centered just like your button is.

Switch to a smaller crochet hook (I used 4.5mm) and make a chain that is long enough to loop around the button. It’s important to make sure there’s a little wiggle room so the loop can be stretched over the button.

Attach the other end of the chain with a slip stitch and securely weave in your ends.

You are done! Now you can enjoy your new laptop or tablet sleeve. Please tag me on Instagram lovable_loops if you make your own! I love seeing when you all have crocheted my patterns!