Llamacorn C2C Pixel Graph

I think the Llamacorn is my favorite of the four “unicorns”. Llamas are pretty popular right now and I find them adorable. I think the glasses make the Llamacorn extra special. I’m tempted to make this C2C pixel graph in bulkier yarn and make it it’s own graphgan. If you want to make a graphgan with all four unicorns like I did, here are the links to the other sections: UnicornCaticorn and Puppycorn. There are so many different uses for these pixel graphs! You could also crochet just one section and hang it up as wall art.

Don’t know how to crochet a corner to corner (c2c) graph? Watch my two part YouTube tutorial where I show you step-by-step how to crochet my Dog Emoji graph!

Dog Emoji Graph Tutorial

dog emoji graph c2c crochet pattern tutorial

6 squares of 3 dc= 4 inches

17 inches by 23 inches

  • You can choose to follow the pixel graph or the written instruction (right-handed or left-handed).
  • Crochet the pixel graph using the corner-to-corner (c2c) technique. Use the traditional method of making three double crochets for each square. I chained 6 to start each new row and I chained 3 at the beginning of each square.
  • Each unicorn character is a pixel graph that is 25×34 pixels. I used the C2C technique. I started in the bottom right corner. I used the traditional method of DC’s and chain 3’s.

CLICK HERE to download the Llamacorn Pixel Graph

B= brown

T= tan

BL= black

C= cream

W= white

PK= pink

P= purple

BU= blue

GR= green

Y= yellow

–>Row 1:  1W (1)

<–Row 2:  1W  1T (2)

–>Row 3:  2T  1W (3)

<–Row 4:  4T (4)

–>Row 5:  5T (5)

<–Row 6:  6T (6)

–>Row 7:  7T (7)

<–Row 8:  8T (8)

–>Row 9:  9T (9)

<–Row 10:  1BL  9T (10)

–>Row 11:  7T  3BL  1T (11)

<–Row 12:  1T  1BL  2W  1BL  3T  3B  1T (12)

–>Row 13:  1T  1B  3BL  2T  1BL  3W  2T (13)

<–Row 14:  1W  1T  1BL  1W  1G  1W  1BL  1T  3B  1BL  1B  1T (14)

–>Row 15:  1T  1B  1BL  3B  2T  1W  1G  1W  1BL  1T  2W (15)

<–Row 16:  4T  1BL  2W  1BL  1T  3B  2BL  1B  1T (16)

–>Row 17:  2T  1BL  1B  3BL  2T  2W  1BL  2T  2C  1T (17)

<–Row 18:  1T  3C  2T  1BL  1W  1BL  1T  2B  1BL  3B  2T (18)

–>Row 19:  3T  1BL  1B  1BL  2B  1T  3BL  2T  4C  1T (19)

<–Row 20:  1T  5C  1W  5T  5B  3T (20)

–>Row 21:  4T  1BL  1B  1BL  1B  2T  1BL  2T  1W  1T  5C  1T (21)

<–Row 22:  2T  5C  2W  2T  1BL  2T  3B  5T (22)

–>Row 23:  10T  1BL  2T  1Y  1W  1T  5C  1T  1W (23)

<–Row 24:  1W  1T  5C  1T  1W  2Y  2T  1BL  10T (24)

–>Row 25:  1W  8T  2BL  2T  3Y  1W  1T  4C  2T  1W (25)

———————Begin DECREASE for WIDTH————————

<–Row 26:  2W  1T  4C  1T  1W  4Y  3T  3BL  5T  1W (25)

–>Row 27:  1W  4T  1BL  2W  1BL  2T  5Y  1W  1T  4C  1T  2W (25)

<–Row 28:  3W  1T  2C  2T  7W  2C  3W  1BL  4T (25)

–>Row 29:  3T  1BL  1W  1G  1W  1BL  1T  7G  2W  1T  2C  1T  3W (25)

<–Row 30:  4W  1T  1C  1T  2W  7G  1W  1T  1BL  1W  1G  1W  3T (25)

–>Row 31:  2T  1BL  2W  1BL  1T  2W  7G  2W  1T  1C  1T  4W (25)

<–Row 32:  5W  2T  2W  7G  3W  1T  1BL  2W  1BL  1T  (25)

–>Row 33:  1T  1BL  1W  1BL  4T  1W  7G  2W  2T  5W (25)

<–Row 34:  6W  1T  10W  1T  2C  2T  3BL (25)

———————Begin DECREASE for LENGTH————————

–>Row 35:  4T  3C  1T  1W  6BU  2W  1T  6W (24)

<–Row 36:  8W  6BU  1W  1T  4C  3T (23)

–>Row 37:  1T  1W  5C  1T  1W  6BU  7W (22)

<–Row 38:  6W  6BU  1W  1T  5C  1T  1W (21)

–>Row 39:  1W  5C  1T  13W (20)

<–Row 40:  5W  4P  3W  1T  5C  1T  (19)

–>Row 41:  1T  5C  1T  2W  5P  4W (18)

<–Row 42:  3W  4P  3W  1T  5C  1T (17)

–>Row 43:  1T  5C  1T  9W (16)

<–Row 44:  2W  3PK  3W  1T  4C  2T (15)

–>Row 45:  3T  3C  2T  2W  3PK  1W (14)

<–Row 46:  6W  7T (13)

–>Row 47:  1W  5T  6W (12)

<–Row 48:  11W (11)

–>Row 49:  10W (10)

<–Row 50:  9W (9)

–>Row 51:  8W (8)

<–Row 52:  7W (7)

–>Row 53:  6W (6)

<–Row 54:  5W (5)

–>Row 55:  4W (4)

<–Row 56:  3W (3)

–>Row 57:  2W (2)

<–Row 58:  1W (1)

llama unicorn crochet pattern

rnd 1:  join in corner and (ch-1, sc in same sp, ch-2, sc in same sp again) and continue this pattern for the sides: ch 2, sc in the space between each pixel square. In each corner you will sc, ch-2 and sc in the same sp again.

rnd 2: in first corner in the ch-2 space you will ch-3 and make 3 dc. In each ch 2 space on the sides you will make 3 dc. In the remaining three corners you will make 4dc in the ch-2 sp.

I hope you like my pattern. Please tag me on Instagram lovable_loops if you make your own!