c2c Crochet Scarf Pattern

Elevate your winter wardrobe with my Easy C2C Crochet Scarf Pattern.

This stylish and straightforward pattern will guide you in crafting a cozy scarf using the popular corner-to-corner (C2C) technique, adding a touch of handmade warmth and charm to your cold-weather fashion.

The free crochet pattern is below.

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Melissa Hassler wearing her c2c scarf crochet design


Skill Level

Beginner. Basic stitches in basic form. Simple repeats in rounds.

Project Materials

crochet scarf

Crochet Gauge

7 squares (ch 3 + 3 dc) = 4 inches

Finished Size

6.5″ wide and 70″ long

Melissa Hassler wearing her c2c scarf crochet design

Pattern Notes

  • Written instructions are for working from the bottom right corner to the top left.
  • Crochet the scarf using the corner-to-corner (C2C) technique. Use the traditional method of making three double crochets for each square.
  • Chain 6 to start each new row and chain 3 at the beginning of each square.

Corner to corner (c2c) crochet is a technique where you crochet “squares” in diagonal rows.

You start in the bottom right corner and end in the top left corner.

Each row is increased by one square until you reach the width & length. Each square in the graph = chain 3 + 3 double crochet.

c2c Crochet Increases

Increases are made at the end of each row. Chain 6 and DC in the 4th chain from the hook and in each of the 2 remaining chains.

You will have a chain 3 + 3 DC square. This is your first square for the beginning of the next row.

Turn your work and join with a slip stitch to the chain 3 space from the last square made. 

c2c Crochet Decreases

The first decreases for both the width and length will create corners.

To decrease, turn your work and slip stitch across the 3 DC’s in the last square made.

Join with a slip stitch to the chain 3 space and chain 3 + 3 DC.

C2C Course

If you would like to learn the corner to corner (c2c) crochet method to make this crochet blanket pattern, check out my online c2c course.

crochet scarf

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Crochet Terms

  • dc = double crochet
  • st = stitch
  • sts = stitches
  • sl st = slip stitch
  • ch = chain
  • chs = chains

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Melissa Hassler wearing her c2c scarf crochet design



↙ Row 1: square (1 square)  

↗ Row 2: square x 2 (2 squares)  

↙ Row 3: square x 3 (3 squares)  

↗ Row 4: square x 4 (4 squares)  

↙ Row 5: square x 5 (5 squares)  

↗ Row 6: square x 6 (6 squares)  

↙ Row 7: square x 7 (7 squares)  

↗ Row 8: square x 8 (8 squares)  

↙ Row 9: square x 9 (9 squares)  

↗ Row 10: square x 10 (10 squares)  

↙ Row 11: square x 11 (11 squares)  

↗ Row 12: square x 12 (12 squares) 

Corner: Start decreasing for Width

↙ Row 13: square x 12 (12 squares)  

↗ Row 14: square x 12 (12 squares)  

Rows 15-120: repeat rows 13 & 14 (12 squares) 

Corner: Start decreasing for Length  

↙ Row 121: square x 11 (11 squares)  

↗ Row 122: square x 10 (10 squares)  

↙ Row 123: square x 9 (9 squares)  

↗ Row 124: square x 8 (8 squares)  

↙ Row 125: square x 7 (7 squares)  

↗ Row 126: square x 6 (6 squares)  

↙ Row 127: square x 5 (5 squares)  

↗ Row 128: square x 4 (4 squares)  

↙ Row 129: square x 3 (3 squares)  

↗ Row 130: square x 2 (2 squares)  

↙ Row 131: square (1 square)

Pom Poms

crochet scarf

Photos are from my Santa Hat.

Firmly and evenly wind your yarn around each set of arches. After the first set of arches, close them and then wind your yarn around the second set. 

pom pom being made
pom pom being made

Cut the yarn between each set of arches.

pom pom being made

Use a scrap piece of yarn to tie the pom pom in place. I recommend you double/triple knot it.

pom pom being made

Open the arches and remove the pom pom. Fluff it and trim any long ends.

Use a tapestry needle to attach your pom poms (make 4) to the corners of your scarf.