– H/5mm crochet hook. I highly recommend these Clover hooks

-Red Heart Super Saver in WhitePetal PinkMinty & Lemon 

-tapestry needle

-locking stitch markers

-If you want to block your granny squares (which I recommend you do) you can use a crochet blocking board, such as this one:

Crochet the Granny Squares

You will need 12 granny squares (size H crochet hook-  6 rounds of crochet each). You can make each square colorful, like I did. Or, make each square one solid color. If you don’t know how to crochet a granny square, you can crochet along to my video tutorial

7/6/18 Note: I will have a written/pictorial granny square tutorial on my blog soon.

If you want your squares to look exactly like mine, make two granny squares following each color pattern:

YBPW: rounds 1-2 in yellow, rounds 3-4 in blue, round 5 in pink, round 6 in white

YPBW: rounds 1-2 in yellow, rounds 3-4 in pink, round 5 in blue, round 6 in white

BPYW: rounds 1-2 in blue, rounds 3-4 in pink, round 5 in yellow, round 6 in white

BYPW: rounds 1-2 in blue, rounds 3-4 in yellow, round 5 in pink, round 6 in white

PYBW: rounds 1-2 in pink, rounds 3-4 in yellow, round 5 in blue, round 6 in white

PBYW: rounds 1-2 in pink, rounds 3-4 in blue, round 5 in yellow, round 6 in white

Block the Granny Squares

I highly recommend you block your granny squares before sewing them together. Blocking is the process of introducing moisture to your crochet item to allow you to shape it. If your granny squares don’t turn out perfectly square, I would block them. I blocked mine after sewing them together. I would not recommend doing that. I think they will look better if blocked individually.

If you want to use items that you have around the house, you can use a spray bottle with water, a cork board and some straight needles. Just lightly wet the squares and pin them to form a perfect square (all the same size). Allow them to dry before removing them. Or, you can purchase a crochet blocking board, such as this one:

Arrange the Granny Squares

Gather your blocked granny squares and lay them out in a 4×3 grid like I did. The apron is going to be wider than it is long. You will want 3 rows and 4 columns. VERY IMPORTANT: Two things- 1) Make sure you have all of the RIGHT sides facing up and 2) if you followed my color patterns, make sure you don’t have two of the same pattern too close together.

Sew the Granny Squares Together

You will need a tapestry needle and whatever color yarn you used for round 6 of your granny squares. I used the whip stitch method to sew my granny squares together but you can really use any method that you want. I started by sewing the columns first, and then I went back and sewed the rows.

Step 1: bring your tapestry needle up through both loops on one granny square (it doesn’t matter which side, right or left, you start on) but make sure you start in the first dc in the corner for that side (each corner has two groups of 3 dc and each group belongs to the side that it’s closest to).

Step 2: bring your tapestry needle down through both loops of the stitch on the other square VERY IMPORTANT: make sure you are working in the same stitch for both of the squares that you are sewing together.

3. pull the yarn tight (but not too tight) and make sure you have enough yarn for the section you are sewing together (if you use a piece of yarn that is double the length of the section, you should have plenty).

4. Repeat steps 1 & 2 for the remainder of that section (working back and forth)


You now need to make the back of the apron. This is the piece that will tie around your waist. I chose to use yellow because I like the summery look that it gives the apron.

You will need 80 stitches for the middle (apron) section and 60 stitches on each side for the ties. That’s a total of 200 stitches. While wearing the apron I was able to tie the ties into a knot (not a bow). If you want your ties to be longer or shorter, adjust the stitches accordingly. Just remember that you will want to reserve 80 stitches for the middle portion.

Row 1: chain 202, dc in the 3rd chain from the hook, dc in each rem ch, ch 2, turn (200)

Row 2: dc in each st, fasten off (200)

Row 3: skip over 60 stitches (this is one of the ties), attach your yarn and dc in 80 stitches, ch 2, turn (you will have 60 stitches rem for the other tie) (80)

Row 4- 39: dc in each st, ch 2, turn

After row 39 is complete, fasten off and weave in all of your yarn ends.

It’s not as important to block the apron as it was to block your granny squares but if you choose to do so, now is the time!

Attaching the Sections Together

Now it is time to attach your granny square section to the apron section. I don’t know about you but this was very exciting for me! Your apron is almost done! There is no right/wrong side for the apron piece (yellow) because you crocheted back and forth. So pick a side and lay it down. Lay your granny square section on top with the RIGHT SIDE facing you.

You will want to use locking stitch markers to attach the two sections together along both sides and the bottom. DO NOT SKIP THIS STEP. I guarantee the granny square section will move on you while you are crocheting the pieces together. Take the time to secure the sections together. If I were to make this pattern again, I would use even more stitch markers than I did this time.

VERY IMPORTANT: Do NOT sew the top of the sections together. You are going to sew down the middle to form two pockets.

I opted to use white for the part of the pattern.

Step 1: Facing the front of the apron, you will want to begin on the left side (if you are right handed like I am). Attach your yarn (I opted to use white) to both sections just below the tie (you will stitch up the top part later) and sc all the way around, stopping when you get to the other tie (see step 2 pic)

Step 2: You are now going to sc along the top of the GRANNY SQUARE SECTION ONLY.

Step 3: Finish each side by sewing the tops of the two sides to the ties.

Step 4: Use a piece of yarn (again, I opted to use white) and a tapestry needle to sew from front to back right down the middle of the apron. This will form two large pockets.

Finished Size: 18.5 inches wide and 14 inches long (this does not include the ties).

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