Crochet Hearts and Other Valentine’s Crochet Patterns

Crafters love holidays, don’t we? Big ones and little ones alike. Valentine’s Day is a fun time to make little gifts for ourselves and those that we love. And many crochet hearts patterns are perfect not just for Valentine’s Day but to enjoy all throughout the year as well. With that in mind, I wanted to round up some of my favorite Valentine’s crochet patterns, both my own and some from other designers.

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My Crochet Hearts and Valentine’s Crochet Patterns

All of my Valentine’s crochet patterns are adorned with hearts. They’re just such a perfect symbol of the holiday. They’re also really versatile. After all, you can gift hearts to so many different people at all different times of the year. For example, there’s a wine bottle crochet cozy pattern you’ll find here that works for housewarming presents, holiday gifts, and more.

Valentine’s Crochet Patterns for Pillows

One of the things that I love about crochet is that there are so many different techniques in the craft. As you know, I love corner to corner crochet. Therefore, it’s no surprise that I have a Valentine’s pillow in that technique. However, I also have crochet hearts pillows using regular basic crochet as well.

Corner to Corner Crochet Hearts Pillow

Here’s my corner to corner crochet pillow pattern with a big heart as the feature design. Of course, you can adapt the colors to any that you want.

Crochet Hearts Pillow

crochet heart pillow free pattern

This is a great option if you’re looking for Valentine’s crochet patterns. It’s a cute crochet pillow that itself is the shape of a heart. Stitching on top adds flair.

Valentine’s Crochet Patterns for Blankets

Of course, if you have pillows, then you also want blankets, right? I have two different corner to corner crochet blanket patterns with hearts.

Corner to Corner Crochet Heart

c2c heart graph crochet pattern

This is a classic corner to corner crochet heart pattern. It’s similar to the corner to corner crochet heart pillow but enlarged to a blanket. You can make it as a baby blanket or make several panels in different colors to make a larger crochet blanket.

Llama Crochet Pattern with Heart Glasses

If you want something a little bit different, then check out my llama crochet blanket pattern. It has four different llama personalities designed in corner to corner crochet. One of them has heart-shaped glasses, which works well as a Valentine’s idea. This works not just as a blanket but also as wall art.

Valentine’s Crochet Patterns for Hats

I have two different crochet hearts hat patterns. One is in corner to corner crochet, and the other is in half double crochet. Both have hearts in the center of the design, although it’s slightly larger in the corner to corner design.

Corner to Corner Crochet Heart Hat

You can use corner to corner crochet worked flat, then adapt it with a brim to create a crochet hat. That’s what I’ve done with this Valentine’s crochet pattern for a heart hat.

Half Double Crochet Heart Hat

Half double crochet with smart color changes is also great for a heart hat!

Wine Bottle Bag Crochet Pattern

Last but not least check out my crochet wine bottle bag pattern featuring three hearts stacked atop one another.

Other Valentine’s Crochet Patterns

Obviously I love crochet hearts for Valentine’s projects. However, that’s not your only option. Here are some other crochet patterns that are perfect for Valentine’s Day. These come from designers over at WeCrochet.

Fluffle the Bear Crochet Pattern

Teddy bears are common, wonderful Valentine’s gifts. This is a small crochet bear pattern that uses only one skein of faux fur yarn. Cozy, squeezable, and sweet!

Truly Plaidly Deeply Infinity Scarf

It’s so fun to use crochet stitches to create plaid. And aren’t these colors pretty?

Crochet Tissue Box Cover

This turns your tissues into a gift. It’s really fun to make that ribbon. And it works for Christmas, Valentine’s, and in any room that suits red decor.

Heart of My Heart Placemat

Well, yes, this one is also a heart. But it truly is perfect for Valentine’s Day isn’t it?!

Valentine Yarn Color

You can obviously make Valentine’s crochet projects in any color that you desire, although most are made using red or pink. But did you know that there’s actually a beautiful yarn color named Valentine? It’s part of the Galileo yarn line, which is a bamboo/wool blend sport weight yarn.