Sutton Foster Loves C2C Crochet!

You might have heard by now that actress/ singer Sutton Foster is a crocheter. But did you know that what she most loves to make is C2C crochet blankets? In fact, she has a pattern for one in her memoir, “Hooked: How Crafting Saved My Life.”

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C2C Crochet Blankets Are The Best

I love to crochet many different types of things. I also love to design different projects. However, C2C crochet blankets are definitely my favorite of all – both to craft and to design for you.

In her memoir, she talks about how she discovered the magic of these designs. She does many different arts and crafts, including painting and drawing. She loved the magic of being able to make her own drawings, transfer it to graph paper, and then use that to create her own original graphghan.

I know that feeling! I can dream something up and design it and make it. It’s the best feeling in the world.

Sutton Foster’s Craft Memoir

If you haven’t come across it, yet, Sutton Foster’s memoir is all about her love of crafting. She’s a performer known for her starring role on the show “Younger.” She’s also appeared on many Broadway shows and won two Tony awards for her talents. She’s been crafting since she was a child, and crochet has always been her favorite of all of the crafts that she does.

10 Original C2C Crochet Blankets by Sutton Foster

In her book, Foster shares that her 2018 New Year’s resolution was to “create ten original baby blankets.” She had a new baby at the time, and she had recently discovered the joy of C2C crochet blankets. She achieved her goal. I was thrilled to see that she designed some of the same animals that I’ve designed for my own C2C crochet blankets!

Just to be clear, Sutton Foster didn’t use my designs. To my knowledge, she doesn’t even know who I am. However, we have both been inspired by some of the same animals to create our own versions of blankets using the same technique. Her 10 original blankets were:

1. Crochet Giraffe Blanket

The one pictured here is my giraffe crochet corner-to-corner blanket square. It’s one of six squares in my Safari baby blanket. The book doesn’t include images of Sutton’s designs, so I don’t know if hers looks anything like mine. But I love that we were both inspired by the majestic giraffe to create baby blankets.

2. Crochet Sea Turtle Blanket

Foster specifically notes that she drew her turtle herself. She’s an artist whose work has been shown in galleries on both coasts. She had done the drawing previously and used it to create one of her ten C2C crochet blankets. I’ve also designed a corner-to-corner crochet sea turtle, shown above. It’s one of six blanket patterns in my Ocean Animals Blanket.

3. Crochet Bunny Blanket

My bunny blanket is certainly different that Foster’s. She says in the book that hers is set against a pastel background made with variegated yarn. Mine, as you can see, is more neutral colors. And I uniquely chose to share the back of the bunny with its cute poof of a tail.

However, I also have a cute bunny face corner to corner crochet blanket. This is one of twelve panels in my Woodland crochet blanket pattern.

4. Ganesh

In her memoir, Sutton Foster shares her struggles with fertility. At the time, she did a lot of drawing and crafting related to different deities that she felt could support her during this time. Ganesh was one of them. Later, she turned this drawing into a baby blanket.

5. Badass Baby Blanket

Foster tells the story of why this word means so much to her on her journey. She created a collage of it and later the blanket for her daughter, saying, “because you’re never too young to be one!” She also mentions she wants to make one in an adult size for herself. She’s included her original crochet corner to corner pattern for this one in the book.

6. Crochet Dinosaur Blanket

dinosaur blanket crochet pattern

Foster says that her dinosaur is hot pink. She loves to crochet in neon colors. My C2C crochet dinosaur is green, although I have a bright border around the whole thing.

7. Crochet Octopus Blanket

One of the six panels in my Ocean Blanket, besides the sea turtle, is a corner-to-corner crochet octopus.

8. Crochet Llama Blanket

You know that I love to design crochet llama patterns. Foster does too. Fun fact: she gifted one of her ten C2C crochet blankets to Hilary Duff, her co-star on “Younger,” who was pregnant during season five of filming. Apparently Duff also has a real live llama. My own corner to corner crochet llama blanket features four different llama personalities.

9. Crochet Lion Blanket

crochet lion pattern

Remember how my giraffe crochet design was for a Safari animals blanket? Well, of course, that blanket wouldn’t be complete without this crochet lion pattern.

10. Crochet Birds Blanket

The last of Foster’s ten C2C crochet blankets that she made that year was of three little birds, inspired by the Bob Marley song.

Which of these is your favorite crochet blanket pattern?! See all of my corner-to-corner crochet blanket patterns.