Safari Animals Blanket

crochet safari animals blanket

As you guys know by now, I love c2c crochet projects! I am especially excited about my latest free crochet baby blanket pattern: my Safari Animals baby blanket.

Each of the 6 crochet animals is a c2c crochet blanket square. Pictured top to bottom and left to right, the animals are: hyena, elephant, zebra, lion, giraffe & hippo.

If you’re not up to the task of crocheting six animal graphs, you could easily turn any of the c2c crochet blanket squares into a crochet pillow.  Just follow the instructions from my Fox pattern.

These fun & free corner to corner animal blanket squares are perfect for beginner crocheters. They are fairly small and don’t use too many colors.

Whether you crochet the baby blanket or just a pillow, I think it would be a fun crochet gift for a safari animal loving child, friend or family member. It would also make an awesome baby shower gift for a safari animal themed nursery. I hope you like my pattern!

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Don’t know how to do corner to corner (C2C) crochet? No worries! I have created a C2C course. VISIT COURSE!

45 inches by 67  inches

4 squares= 2 inches
4 rows of  squares= 2 inches

dc= double crochet
hdc= half double crochet
sc= single crochet
ch= chain
ch(s)= chains
st= stitch
st(s)= stitches
rem= remaining
dc2tog= double crochet 2 stitches together

  • You can choose to follow the pixel graph or the written instructions.
  • Written instructions are for working from the bottom right corner to the top left.
  • Crochet the pixel graph using the corner-to-corner (c2c) technique. Use the traditional method of making three double crochets for each square.
  • Chain 6 to start each new row and chain 3 at the beginning of each square.

The first step to make your crochet baby blanket pattern is to crochet each c2c crochet blanket square. Click on the title or image below to go to that pattern.

Corner to Corner Lion

Corner to Corner Elephant

Corner to Corner Giraffe

Corner to Corner Hippo

Corner to Corner Zebra

Corner to Corner Hyena

After you crochet each c2c crochet blanket square, you’ll want to decide how to arrange them. I decided to make my baby blanket two squares wide and three squares long.

Sew the c2c crochet blanket squares in each row together (see arrows in pic below). Make sure you line up the single crochet stitches from the borders.

When you are done sewing the c2c crochet blanket squares in each row together, you’ll have three sections. Sew the sections together. You can use locking stitch markersto keep the single crochet stitches from the borders lined up.

Weave in all of your loose ends.

Join your white yarn.

Border: Ch 2, make 1 hdc in each stitch. In each corner you will want to chain 2 to “turn” the corner.

Weave in your ends.

You are done! I hope you enjoyed this pattern. Tag me on Instagram (@lovable_loops) or Facebook to share your pictures with me.

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