Crochet Christmas Blanket Pattern

crochet christmas blanket

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I had so much fun designing and crocheting this corner to corner (C2C) Crochet Christmas Blanket pattern! It includes four different animals dressed up in different holiday styles. It’s colorful, adorable, and fun to make.

Animals in the C2C Crochet Christmas Blanket Pattern

From top to bottom and left to right the animals are a llama, sloth, reindeer and a French Bulldog. Which is your favorite? Let me know over on Instagram! I love all of them but I think the reindeer is my favorite. Then again, I really love crochet llama patterns so maybe it’s the llama. It’s so hard to choose isn’t it?!

Blankets, Wall Art, and More

If you’re not up to the task of crocheting four animal graphs, you could easily turn any of the c2c crochet Christmas blanket graphs into wall art. Simply use the appropriate graph to crochet the one animal panel that you want to use. Then hang that on the wall. This is art that you might enjoy just during the holidays or perhaps even well into the new year.

Start Your Christmas Gifts Now

Whether you crochet the Christmas blanket or just one of the animals, it could be a fun crochet Christmas gift for a friend or family member. Don’t wait until the last minute (again?!) to start thinking about Christmas. Instead, start working on the C2C Crochet Christmas Blanket now so that you’re all ready when it sneaks back up on your again.

Don’t know how to crochet corner to corner (C2C) crochet? No worries! I have created a C2C course. VISIT C2C COURSE!

Finished Size

46 inches by 65  inches



Gauge is not important for this pattern.

4 squares= 2 inches
4 rows of  squares= 2 inches


dc = double crochet
hdc = half double crochet
sc = single crochet
ch = chain
chs = chains
st = stitch
sts = stitches
rem = remaining

Pattern Notes

  • You can choose to follow the pixel graph or the written instructions.
  • Written instructions are for working from the bottom right corner to the top left.
  • Crochet the pixel graph using the corner-to-corner (c2c) technique. Use the traditional method of making three double crochets for each square.
  • Chain 6 to start each new row and chain 3 at the beginning of each square.
  • For a printable copy of this pattern, visit my Etsy shop.

Corner-to-Corner Crochet Method (C2C)

C2C crochet is a technique where you crochet “squares” in diagonal rows. You start in the bottom right corner and end in the top left corner. Each row is increased by one square. Each square in the graph = chain 3 + 3 double crochet.

C2C Increases

Increases are made at the end of each row. To make an increase you will chain 6, dc in the 4th chain from your hook and dc in each of the 2 remaining chains.

You will have a chain 3 + 3 dc square. This is your first square for the beginning of the next row. Turn your work and join with a slip stitch to the chain 3 space from the last square made. 

C2C Decreases

The first decreases for both the width and length will create corners. To make a decrease, when you reach the end of the row, you will turn your work and slip stitch across the 3 dc’s in the last square made. Join with a slip stitch to the chain 3 space and chain 3 + 3 dc.

Step 1: Crochet each C2C Animal

The first step to make your crochet Christmas blanket pattern is to crochet each C2C crochet animal. Click on the title or image below to go to that pattern.


Crochet Christmas Blanket Pattern


crochet christmas reindeer

French Bulldog

crochet christmas french bulldog


crochet christmas sloth

Step 2

After you crochet each C2C crochet animal, you’ll want to decide how to arrange them.  Make sure your animals are facing right side up.

Sew the C2C crochet blanket graphs in each row together. Then, sew the rows together. Make sure you line up the single crochet stitches from the borders. You can use locking stitch markers to keep the single crochet stitches from the borders lined up.

Pictures below are from my Llama blanket.

Weave in all of your loose ends.

Step 3: Blanket Border

Join your red yarn.

Chain 2 and make 1 hdc in each stitch. In each corner you will make (2 hdc, ch 2, 2 hdc).

You are done! I hope you enjoyed this pattern. Tag me on Instagram (@lovable_loops) or Facebook to share your pictures with me.

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