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Christmas Blanket

Christmas Blanket

DECEMBER 2, 2019

Christmas Blanket c2c Crochet Pattern Free

crochet christmas blanket free pattern

I am super excited to share that my Corner to Corner (c2c) Christmas Blanket is complete! This was a really fun design project for me. Not only did I get to design my first crochet Christmas blanket, I was able to get really creative because the blanket is made up of 12 individual squares.

crochet christmas blanket free pattern

crochet christmas blanket free pattern

Thank you to my husband and kids for their help and feedback during the designing and layout phases of my design process. Also, thank you to my Instagram followers who voted on my Instagram stories. I had added white pom poms to each corner of the blanket but you guys seem to prefer the blanket without the pom poms. But hey, we all have different tastes so I'll show you how to make the pom pom in case you like the look.

These square graphs are also the perfect size for baby loveys, pillow covers (although I'd recommend going down a hook size to an H/5mm), one square of a larger blanket, one side of a tote bag, or as wall art (just add a dowel rod and hang it up!).

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My completed blanket measures approximately 51 inches by 68 inches (51" x 68").

8 pixel squares= 4 inches

I refer to each of the twelve pictures sometimes as a "square" and sometimes as a "graph".  They are the same thing. I apologize for the inconsistency.

Don't know how to crochet a corner to corner (c2c) graph? Watch my two part YouTube tutorial where I show you step-by-step how to crochet my Dog Emoji graph!

Dog Emoji Graph Tutorial
dog emoji graph c2c crochet pattern tutorial

Crochet each Christmas Square

Follow the links below to go to the pattern for each individual Christmas square. Each pattern has a PDF of the pixel square that you can download. You can crochet along to the pixel graph or follow the written instructions. I provide instructions for working from the bottom right corner to the top left and from the bottom left to the top right.

Each square is crocheted using the corner-to-corner (c2c) technique. Use the traditional method of making three double crochets for each square. I chained 6 to start each new row and I chained 3 at the beginning of each square.

First Square: Santa Claus
My first Christmas square is none other than the big guy himself, Santa Claus!crochet santa claus c2c pattern

Second Square: Elf
My second Christmas square is an Elf. Did you know that Elves became linked with Santa Claus in the 1823 poem known today as "The Night Before Christmas"? In that poem, Santa Claus is referred to as a "jolly old elf". Today, we think of elves like they are depicted in the movie Elf (one of our family's favorites!); working hard in the North Pole making toys for children.
Crochet Elf c2c Graph Pattern

Third Square: Christmas Lights
My third Christmas square is a set of Christmas Lights. I choose to make a square of lights because they are special to me. Every year on Christmas Eve my husband and I drive around with the kids to view Christmas Lights. It's one of our favorite traditions!
crochet christmas lights c2c graph

Fourth Square: Snowman
My fourth Christmas square is a Snowman! I'm really happy with how this cute guy turned out.  You can personalize your snowman by changing the color(s) of that hat.
crochet snowman c2c graph pattern

Fifth Square: Christmas Angel
My fifth Christmas square is an Angel. I was very excited to find a metallic gray yarn to use for the wings! I hope you like this graph as much as I do! 
Crochet christmas angel c2c graph pattern

Sixth Square: Nutcracker
My sixth Christmas square is a Nutcracker. Nutcracker dolls, also known as Christmas Nutcrackers, originate from late-17th century Germany. They were given as gifts and eventually became associated with the Christmas season. 
crochet nutcracker graph pattern

Seventh Square: Hot Cocoa
My seventh Christmas square is a cup of Hot Cocoa. This chilly weather has me craving warm beverages and I thought a cup of  hot cocoa with a candy cane would be the perfect addition to my collection of Christmas and Winter themed corner to corner squares. 
crochet hot cocoa c2c pattern graph

Eighth Square: Gingerbread House
My eighth Christmas square is a Gingerbread House. My kids loving decorating gingerbread houses around the holidays. Marky, my second grader, was very helpful in designing this graph. He suggested the snow on the ground and the snowflakes in the air. I love how it turned out! 
crochet gingerbread house c2c pattern

Ninth Square: Jingle Bells
My ninth Christmas square is a set of Jingle BellsJingle Bells, also known as sleigh bells, are a popular symbol of the Christmas season. In fact, the song Jingle Bells, is one of the most commonly sung American song in the world.
Crochet jingle bells c2c pattern graph

Tenth Square: Reindeer
My tenth Christmas square is Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer. Rudolph, the youngest of Santa Claus's reindeer, uses his glowing red nose to lead the other reindeer and to guide Santa's sleigh on Christmas Eve. I thought he would make a perfect addition to my Christmas blanket. 
crochet rudolph reindeer c2c graph pattern

Eleventh Square: Penguin
My eleventh Christmas square is a penguin. I think penguins are such adorable animals. You can easily change the colors of the hat/scarf to personalize it to your own taste. If you also love penguins, check out my Penguin Hat and Penguin in a Santa Hat graph. 
crochet penguin c2c graph pattern

Twelfth Square: Holiday Station Wagon
My twelfth (and final!) Christmas square is a Station Wagon carrying a Christmas Tree. My husband gets the design credit for this one. Every year he talks about taking the kids (Christmas Vacation style) to cut down our own Christmas tree. It's definitely on our bucket list. I think he did a great job designing this graph for me. I hope you like it!
crochet holiday station wagon christmas tree c2c pattern

blanket crochet pattern letter c

Picture is from my Letter A Square.

sc= single crochet
ch= chain

I decided that I wanted to have a thin border around each square. Not only do I think each square would look nicer, it will also make it easier to sew the squares together (you'll just match up the stitches!) if you choose to do so.

After completing the last square, continue crocheting around the border of your square with your white yarn. In each corner you will work a (sc-ch 1-sc) and in the side of each square you will make two sc.

Sew Your Squares Together

Okay, now that all of your Christmas Squares are ready (yay!), it's time to sew them together. I'm going to show you the method that I used. I was pleasantly surprised with how quickly I was able to sew everything together.

Tip: When you lay your squares out, make sure the RIGHT SIDE of each square is facing you.

Following the sewing method I show you below, first sew the three squares in each row together. crochet christmas blanket free pattern

Again, using the sewing method that I show you below, sew the four rows together. crochet christmas blanket free pattern

Sewing Method

1. Arrange your squares with the RIGHT SIDES facing you. Line up the single crochet stitches from the border that you made around each square.crochet christmas blanket free pattern

2. Draw your tapestry needle and white yarn through the first single crochet stitches (make sure they are lined up!). Make sure you pull enough yarn through to stitch the length of the two squares together.crochet christmas blanket free patterncrochet christmas blanket free pattern

3. Draw your tapestry needle and white yarn through the next two single crochet stitches. Repeat this for each set of single crochet stitches.crochet christmas blanket free patterncrochet christmas blanket free pattern


hdc= half double crochet
ch= chain

Attach your Cherry Red yarn to the side of your blanket. Chain 2 and hdc (half double crochet) in the same stitch. crochet christmas blanket free pattern

Make a hdc in each stitch all the way around the blanket. In each corner work a hdc- ch 2- hdc. crochet christmas blanket free pattern

Decide if you want Poms

Do you like the blanket better with or without poms? Let me know on Instagram !

Blanket without Pom Pomscrochet christmas blanket free pattern

Blanket with Pom Pomscrochet christmas blanket free pattern

If you want pom poms, follow the instructions below from my Santa Hat pattern.

You're going to need an extra large pom pom maker. I used white yarn. 

free santa hat crochet pattern

Firmly and evenly wind your white yarn around each set of arches. After the first set of arches, close them and then wind your yarn around the second set. 

free santa hat crochet pattern

free santa hat crochet pattern

Cut the yarn between each set of santa hat crochet pattern

Use your scrap piece of white yarn to tie the pom pom in place. I recommend you double/triple knot it.

free santa hat crochet pattern

Carefully open the arches.

free santa hat crochet pattern

Use a hot melt adhesive to place a dab of glue in the center of the pom pom. This will help prevent it from unraveling.

free santa hat crochet pattern

Fluff your pom pom and trim any long ends.

Use a tapestry needle to attach your pom poms to the four corners of your blanket.

crochet christmas blanket free pattern

Let's connect! If you follow me on Instagram (tag me Lovable_Loops to share your crochet pictures with me) or Facebook and you'll be the first to know what new projects I'm working on.

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All pictures and patterns are copyright to Melissa Hassler. You have my permission to make and sell products from my patterns but please link back to this post. You may not copy and post this pattern and claim it as your own. You may not re-publish photos and claim them as your own.

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