Scrap Yarn Projects: Easy Crochet Patterns

Fun & easy scrap yarn crochet patterns

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You’ve discovered the perfect post full of creative ways to use up all those leftover yarn scraps! I’ve gathered together, some fun and quick scrap yarn projects featuring easy crochet patterns. They’re perfect for breathing new life into your bag of yarn remnants.

The focus of this curated collection, is on transforming scrap yarn into beautiful, useful pieces. This post is a great way to start crocheting. It offers lots of easy patterns to help you learn and improve basic crochet skills – in a fun way!

These beginner-friendly patterns use basic crochet stitches and straightforward color changes. This makes them ideal for anyone looking to explore the world of corner to corner or regular crochet.

Grab your hook and let’s discover these stash busting patterns, to give your yarn stash a new lease on life!

Fun & easy scrap yarn crochet patterns

Are you new to corner to corner crochet? No problem. Check out my course Lovable Loops C2C course.

Corner to Corner Scrap Yarn Projects

Corner to Corner is my favorite crochet technique by far! So I’m starting with a couple of beginner friendly, free C2C patterns to begin your stash-busting!

Sweet C2C Baby Blanket

One of the best ways to use up your scrap yarn is by creating a C2C baby blanket. This stash buster project allows you to mix and match various yarn colors, resulting in a unique and vibrant piece.

To make this blanket, simply follow my C2C Baby Blanket crochet pattern, working diagonal rows and changing colors as desired. TIP! This easy pattern works up really quickly if you’re using a bulky yarn.

White Pumpkin C2C pattern

You’ll find that there’s great small projects on the interweb for every time of year. You can embrace this idea to transform your yarn remnants into delightful, seasonal creations!

Such as the White Pumpkin Art pattern I created for Fall. It’s a great stash buster to use scraps of yarn for a cozy pillow, blanket square, or autumn-inspired artwork.

You can customize the pumpkin color to match your Halloween or fall decor, using whatever yarn you already have!

The Star Graph

The Star Graph C2C crochet pattern is easy to adjust, for the amount of yarn remnants you have on hand. You can make a larger project with a bigger stash of yarn, or a smaller project with less yarn leftovers.

This beginner-friendly, celestial design features a captivating star motif that’s perfect for incorporating into blankets, pillows, or wall hangings.

Beginner Friendly Scrap Yarn Crochet Patterns

Transform your bits of yarn into beautiful, functional pieces with these beginner-friendly crochet patterns.

Hat & Scarf Set

My beginner friendly Fall Fling Hat and Scarf Set is the perfect project for those new to crochet. With its easy crochet pattern, even a beginner crocheter can quickly hook up a hat and crochet scarf, incorporating colorful stripes that showcase your yarn remnants.

This pattern set allows you to bust your stash. Plus, you can also learn how to make a pom pom!

Heart Wine Bottle Bag

The Heart Wine Bottle Bag free pattern is a fantastic stash-busting project. It allows you to use up your scrap yarn creatively. Featuring three small hearts in the design, this charming pattern allows you to mix and match colors. It’s perfect for scrap yarn crochet projects.

The hearts can be any color you like. This provides a great opportunity to use up those small amounts of worsted weight yarn you’ve been holding onto. This project helps you clear out your yarn stash. Plus, it also results in a thoughtful, handmade gift that’s sure to impress your loved ones.

Messy Bun Beanie

For on trend style, you’ve got to try the Messy Bun Beanie pattern! This free, easy crochet pattern for beginners lets you whip up a stylish, functional accessory. Plus, you get to use up those spare yarn bits and pieces.

The simple design is perfect for mixing and matching various colors, giving your beanie that one-of-a-kind, personalized touch. Not only will you clear out your yarn stash, but you’ll also have a chic hat to show off.

I recommend planning the color palette ahead of time. Just because you’re scrap-busting, doesn’t mean your project has to look like it’s made of leftovers!

C2C Crochet Patterns: Simple Graphghans

Graphghans are crochet patterns that incorporate a design or image into the fabric. They are usually created by following a chart or graph. These fun projects are perfect for C2C crochet. The diagonal rows make it easy to work with color changes and create more intricate designs.

Choose a simple graphghan pattern to start with. Use your scrap yarn to add color and bring the design to life. I have a range of these corner to corner patterns! Just click on a link to find what you’re wanting to try:

Shapes and Things





Add a Little Crochet Whimsy Around the Home

The following free scrap yarn crochet projects were designed with worsted weight yarn. Remember to use the right hook for the weight of your yarn – that’s the stash busting challenge!


Do you like a bit of creepiness? If you have black yarn leftovers, this free crochet pattern is an excellent way to use up yarn scrap collection! Create an adorable and slightly eerie spider buddy using the amigurumi Spider pattern.

Transform your leftover yarn bits into a creepy-cute spider ami that adds a touch of spookiness to your seasonal celebrations. With easy instructions and a fun design, this project is a fantastic choice for making the most of your yarn. You’ll also be getting into the Halloween spirit!

School Themed Bookmarks

Check out these School-themed Bookmark patterns! The fun pattern collection includes a bookworm, ruler, and pencil. They’ve been designed as free, easy crochet patterns that provide great ideas to use up some of your yarn scraps. Each offers a quick project that makes a great gift!

I know lots of crafters who like to make thoughtful teacher gifts throughout the year. This way, when it hits the end of the school year, they’re all prepared! Smart, hey?

With these easy crochet patterns, you’ll transform those yarn bits into adorable, practical, and memorable keepsakes.

F-bomb Gag Gift

If you’ve got a sense of humor and are searching for a quirky addition to your previous projects, the crochet F-bomb is one of those sillier scrap yarn projects you’ll want to try!

This joke gift is a fantastic scrap buster project. It allows you to use up your yarn leftovers in a fun and unconventional way. You can make it in any color!

Give your scrap yarn a playful and unexpected purpose with this amusing project that’s sure to be a conversation starter and a memorable gift.

Apron with Granny Squares

Add a touch of vintage charm to your kitchen, with a Granny Square Apron! This delightful crochet project combines the classic appeal of granny squares with the practicality of an apron. Create a unique and functional accessory with this pattern!

With an array of colors and patterns to choose from, you can customize your apron to match your personal style. Choose any stash-busting granny square color pattern!

Tips for Success with Crochet Projects

As you embark on your crochet journey, keep these tips in mind to ensure success with your scrap yarn projects:

  • Self care is paramount! Take breaks and stretch your hands regularly to prevent fatigue and strain. Especially when working on larger projects or crocheting for extended periods.
  • Practice your basic crochet stitches and tension before starting a project to ensure even, consistent work.
  • Think about the colors you want to use in advance. Or, consider allowing yourself to take a more spur-of-the-moment, creative approach.
  • Don’t be afraid to frog your work (unravel stitches) and start over if you’re unhappy with your progress or colors. Remember, the goal is to learn and have fun while using up your scrap yarn pieces!

Both regular crochet and corner-to-corner crochet techniques, are a fantastic way to put your extra yarn to good use. With these easy crochet patterns I’ve shared, you’ll be well on your way to mastering and expanding your crochet skills.

There’s a crochet pattern here for everyone. Embrace the opportunity to play around with color changes, patterns, and textures as you practice your craft!

By using scrap yarn, you’re not only giving new life to your leftover materials but also contributing to a more sustainable and eco-friendly crafting practice.

With a bit of patience, practice, and creativity, you’ll soon have a stunning collection of crocheted pieces.

As always, Crochet Creatively!


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