Unicorn Diaper Cover


– J/6 mm crochet hook (I love these Clover hooks!)

3/4 inch pink buttons
tapestry needles
stitch markers
– worsted weight yarn in off-whitelight pinklight purplebluegreen & yellow

If you want to block your work, you can use a crochet blocking board, such as this one:

Finished Size

0/3 months

CLICK HERE to watch my Unicorn Hat Tutorial

unicorn hat crochet pattern tutorial

CLICK HERE to watch my matching Diaper Cover Tutorial

unicorn diaper cover crochet pattern tutorial

Diaper Cover Pattern (0/3 months)

Use J hook & off-white yarn

Row 1: chain 52, sc in 2nd ch from hook and in the next 50 chains, ch 3, turn [51]

Row 2: tc in 51 sts, ch 1, turn [51]

Row 3: sc in 51 sts, finish off [51]

Row 4: skip 13 sts, attach yarn to 14th st, hdc in same st, hdc in the next 24 sts, ch 2, turn [25 total]

Rows 5- 11: hdc in each st, ch 2, turn [25]

Row 12: hdc2tog, hdc in 23, ch 2, turn [24]

Row 13: hdc2tog, hdc in 22, ch 2, turn [23]

Row 14: hdc2tog, hdc in 21, ch 2, turn [22]

Row 15: hdc2tog, hdc in 20, ch 2, turn [21]

Row 16: hdc2tog, hdc in 19, ch 2, turn [20]

Row 17: hdc2tog, hdc in 18, ch 2, turn [19]

Row 18: hdc2tog, hdc in 17, ch 2, turn [18]

Rows 19- 32: hdc in each st, ch 2, turn [18]

Row 33: 2 hdc in first st, hdc in 16 sts, 2 hdc in last st, [20]

SC around the outside of the diaper cover (not the waistband) and weave in all of your ends.

Attach buttons to front of diaper cover. The waistband will attach to the buttons in the spaces between the TC. The waistband is adjustable.

Attach the yarn (I demonstrate how to do this in my tutorial) to the back of the diaper cover.

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