3 Sizes Crochet Rose Pattern

Welcome to our lovely crochet rose flower pattern! There’s nothing quite as timeless and charming as a rose, and now you can craft your very own bouquet. 

This free and easy pattern shows you step by step how to crochet roses in three different sizes. It’s perfect for all of your decorative needs.

Brighten up a space with a single bloom or gather them into a full rose bouquet! These crochet flowers are sure to captivate. 

Discover the charm of crochet flower patterns with this lovely design, and see your handmade rose garden bloom! If you enjoy this free crochet pattern, be sure to check out my other free patterns!

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crochet rose pattern


Skill Level

Beginner. This free crochet rose pattern uses basic crochet stitches in a basic stitch pattern.

Crochet Project Materials

Crochet Rose Finished Sizes

Small: 2 inches in diameter

Medium: 2.5 inches in diameter

Large: 3 inches in diameter

Crochet Gauge

Gauge is unimportant for this easy crochet rose pattern. 

How to Adapt the Pattern for Larger Roses

To make larger rose flowers, start with a chain that’s a multiple of four and then add an extra 5 chains.

Two of those chains are the “turning chain”. The other three are so that the repeated pattern ends with a slip stitch.

Crochet Pattern Notes

  • You work this free easy rose crochet pattern in one row.
  • You make a chain, and then crochet a series of scallops into the chain. 
  • Each scallop will be a rose petal. 
  • Make a larger rose by chaining any multiple of 4 + 5 chains.
  • Leave a long tail when you fasten off so you can sew it into the flower shape.
  • This pattern is a great way to use up scrap yarn. 

Crochet Terms

US Terms

  • dc = double crochet stitches
  • hdc = half double crochet 
  • sc = single crochet stitches
  • tc = treble crochet
  • st = stitch
  • sts = stitches
  • sl st = slip stitch
  • ch = chain
  • chs = chains
  • rnd = round
  • rnds = rounds
  • rem = remaining
  • blo = back loop only

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This crochet pattern is super easy! You make a chain, and then crochet a series of scallops. Each scallop will be a beautiful rose petal. 

Small Size Rose

Make a starting chain of 29

Medium Size Rose

Make a starting chain of 53

Large Size Rose

Make a starting chain of 101

crochet rose pattern
  1. Make 4 dc in the 3rd ch from the hook.
  2. Skip a ch, slip stitch in the next ch.
  3. Skip a ch, 4 dc in the next ch.
  4. Skip a ch, slip stitch in the next ch.
  5. Repeat steps 3 & 4 until you get to the last two ch spaces.
crochet rose pattern

6. Skip a stitch, slip stitch in the last ch. Fasten off, leaving a long yarn tail. 

Curl your work starting from the center of the rose working outward.

Sew the scallops to each other with the yarn tail and a tapestry needle. Weave in your ends on the back of the rose.

Creative ways to use Crochet Roses

There are lots of creative ways to use crochet roses. Here are some fun ideas:

  • Home Decor: Adorn your table, shelves, or any corner of your home with a large rose for a touch of handmade charm.
  • Wreaths: Incorporate roses into wreaths for doors or walls.
  • Brooches & Pins: Attach a pin to the base of the flower and wear it as a brooch.
  • Headbands & Hair Clips: Embellish headbands or hairpins with crochet roses.
  • Jewelry: Design necklaces, earrings, or bracelets with small flowers as focal points.
  • Scarves & Shawls: Add little roses as embellishments to your crochet or knit scarves and shawls.
  • Bags & Purses: Decorate the front of a purse or tote bag with a small rose.
  • Wedding Accessories: Use crochet roses for bridal bouquets, boutonnieres, or as table centerpieces.
  • Corsages: For proms, weddings, or other special events.
  • Gift Toppers: Attach a crochet rose to a great gift for an extra special touch.
  • Bookmarks: Design a bookmark with a crochet rose at the top.
  • Keychains: Attach a crochet rose to a key ring for a decorative keychain.
  • Valentine’s Day: Create crochet rose bouquets or single roses as gifts.
  • Mother’s Day: Gift handmade roses that last forever.
  • Dress-up: Add a rose crochet flower to the dresses or hats of dolls.
  • Soft Toys: Create a plush bouquet of crochet roses for children.

The possibilities are endless!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What type of yarn works best for crochet flowers?

When making crochet flowers, the best yarn to use really depends on what you want from your flower.

For a soft and delicate flower, a yarn like cotton or bamboo is a good choice. They’re smooth, soft, and make the flower look neat. 

For a sturdier and fuller flower, you might go for an acrylic yarn. It holds its shape well and comes in many colors. For a warm and fuzzy texture, try using wool. 

How long does it typically take to crochet a rose?

Crocheting a rose is quicker than you might think! You’ll be surprised that you can easily do any of the sizes in this pattern in just 30 minutes.

In the time it takes to watch a TV show, you can crochet a rose from start to finish. 

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